how it works

The 3 main pieces that make the EduNet work are:

The Educational Band of the LTE spectrum

The spectrum is the FCC licensed band of radio waves that we are going to use to transmit to student hotspots over LTE (your cellular data uses the common commercial spectrum instead of this EBS spectrum)

The Infrastructure that makes up the Tower

The infrastructure is the equipment that is attached to our network that sends and receives the spectrum to and from our hotspots. For this project we would need the following infrastructure near one of our site’s network connection in each city






The student Hotspots.

Hotspots are devices that will convert our LTE Spectrum into usable student Wi-Fi

The hotspots use a SIM card that communicates through the infrastructure to then go to the internet


Putting it altogether

District devices use WiFI from the hotspot that communicates to the tower over LTE

The antenna on the tower is connected to a radio

The radio sends this connection through our networking equipment over the K12HSN to KCOE

The KCOE Core processes the SIM card in the hotspot and verifies its validity, then routes it to the internet